About Us

MVJ Group is a boutique marketing company with a thorough knowledge and experience in the complete marketing process. For almost 30 years we have helped our clients (business-to-business and business-to-consumer) put their best foot forward. We listen carefully because we need to know our clients as thoroughly as possible in order to help them succeed.

Our priority is to ensure that our client’s essence shows through in everything we create – the graphic design and the content copy. Their branding or re-branding, along with all their collateral and promotional material, must reflect their uniqueness, energy, substance and distinctiveness. Each of our clients is original and special, and it is our duty to make that obvious to their target audience. For our “project work” clients, our work fits seamlessly into their existing branding and corporate identity.

When taking on a new client, we learn as much as possible about who they are, about their industry, profession, field or sector, and about their competition, so we can ensure that our work will prepare them to build long-term profitable relationships with their customers/clients.

We believe in giving back and have worked with many not-for-profits. We understand their challenges, in particular their limited budgets. It is amazing what we have been able to creatively provide these organizations. We have donated our time and talent, implemented sponsorship programmes, found donors, created fund raising events – whatever works.

We are creative problem solvers. Let us help you with some of your challenges.

Special Projects Brochure

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