Publishing means you are responsible for everything

When publishing, content copy is vital, but it needs to be packaged and delivered in a suitable branded wrapping. Formats can vary and with them a publisher’s list of responsibilities. Here’s a sample of those responsibilities for publishing a print magazine.

  • Editorial Content: Choosing writers; Directing articles & topics; Editing writers; Writing editorials; Researching content; Interviewing and writing articles
  • Designing the ‘look’: Art and design; Production; Photography; Layout; Typesetting
  • Advertising: Advertising rates; Media kits; Sales; Advertisement creative; Product placement
  • Print Management: Pre-press; Working with printers; Arranging fulfillment and distribution

Publishing is no longer designated to print. With online publishing, anyone can publish anything, but they must remember to stay true to their well-defined brand.

We provide all publishing services, while staying true to the brand.

Interactive, multimedia, PDF E-magazines

To create an interactive, multimedia, PDF e-magazine, add videos (creating, editing, adding subtitles…) and hyperlinks and then put it online, but beware, for the videos and hyperlinks to work, they must be viewed on a computer/laptop and using only Adobe Reader (even on a Mac). Adobe encourages you to create these, but unfortunately new devices (tablets, iPads, playbooks, smartphones…) are not compatible with one another and at this time, there is no Reader that will work on all devices. You might be able to see the content, but the videos and the hyperlinks will not work.

Click the images to view the corresponding PDF magazines and booklet.

A traditional print magazine published for the Society of Professional Engineers.

An interactive, multimedia, PDF e-magazine published by MVJ Group Inc. for FLiAP (Future Leaders in All Professions)
(Due to the embedded videos, the PDF is 150 Megs, so be prepared! Must use Adobe Reader)

An introduction booklet to FLiAP (Future Leaders in All Professions)  created and published by MVJ Group Inc.