Your Corporate Identity starts with what your audience first sees

Your Corporate Identity determines who you are and distinguishes you from everyone else – your branding backbone.

You are unique and your Corporate Identity should reflect it. It all starts with your company name, your logo, your colours, your fonts and then your corporate stationery systems, and is carried through to everything else you do – your package design, your sales material, your website, and all your advertising and promotional material.

Look at the ‘big’ guys – Nike’s ‘check mark’, McDonald’s ‘M’ arches. They are differentiated from their competition. Each company is special, and so are you. You want your customers to see it, feel it, and experience it upon first sight.

We will create your unique and special corporate brand and brand essence, so you will stand out in your crowd.

Corporate Stationery Systems – starting with the letterhead, envelope and business card

Canadian Orthotics Laboratory (COL Orthotics International) underwent a complete re-branding, from the logo – a side view of one of their orthotics – to every detail of the company.

Corporate Identity - stationery system

Newspaper Circulation Specialists underwent a branding, a name change and a marketing and identity focus. The new professionalism made them noticeable and credible.

Corporate Identity - stationery system

Retail-Finding the Grey took a C-level seasoned international retail chain specialist and made available his unique talents and experiences to retail chains undergoing challenges.

Corporate Identity - stationery system