Your graphic design creative requires consistency in brand essence and visual design

Consistency in creative in all media will make you recognizable and will connect with your audience. With unique design brand creative, time and  frequency, your brand recognition will be immediate − McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s check mark. Consistency is vital. Beware! Every time you change your branded creative, you are introducing yourself to your audience all over again and losing the recognition factor.

We insist on consistency in brand and the best in creative and copy. We want you to put your best foot forward.

HSBC: Local branch email, online and website promotion − banner (graphic design + copy) & ad (graphic design + copy editing)

An HSBC branch wanted to present an offer to a local business association. They presented a “Word” document and asked for it to be linked to a banner notice on one of their website pages and in one of their emails, and for it to be sent out as an email promotion. HSBC is an international Bank with a strong brand and creative appearance. This plain black and white document with a lot of copy would not attract anyone’s attention, let alone have them realize that it was from this local bank branch. After a branding and marketing discussion with the branch manager, and connecting with their National Advertising Agency, we took the bank’s content and created a promotion worthy of the bank’s global status. It was of course, approved by the National Agency.

Advertising - Financial institute HSBC using a banner and full-page advertisment

In addition to an Ob/Gyn practice, the client, a gynecologist, had two clinics – a fertility clinic and a vaginal renewal clinic. When we started, there was very little individual branding, and nothing connecting the two clinics, and no marketing or creative consistency.

The first job was to brand and relate both clinics. The original logos had nothing in common. By using the same colours (green and violet) in both existing logos, and adding a violet orchid, the intent was to use these visual cues to trigger the mind to connect the two clinics and increase recognition and ‘expert’ status. The full-page ad below consisted of 2 half page ads, each promoting one of the clinics. The orchid reinforced the connection by joining the ads. The shape of the ½ page also helped recognition and long term memory. Then as each ad was adapted to its own single ad, inclusive of the orchid, recognition was to be instantaneous.

Advertising - one full-page ad featuring 2 ads