Website content copy must be relevant and reflect the brand.

Website creation is primarily made up of three components:

  1. The web design – graphic design of the site and its elements
  2. The web development – actualize the design, do the coding and the search engine optimization (SEO)…
  3. The web content copy – It should be noted that web design and development companies expect the client to provide the content copy, which they then put in place.

You can have the most beautifully designed website, but if the content copy is not appropriate and well written, your audience is lost and your branding can be irrevocably damaged. More often than not, the content copy will take more time to write than the website to create.

To write the best copy, we like as much information as possible. The more we have to work with, the easier it is to write content that reflects our client and is relevant to the business. When little is given, considerable time researching is needed to write scintillating copy.

Great copy creates great brands and we insist on great copy.

FLiAP (Future Leaders in All Professions) is a live and continuously changing and growing website. Extra care must be taken to maintain branding and quality as content is being added.