Graphic design can start with a doodle, a box, a scribble, a walk in the park...

When branding or re-branding a client, the graphic design vision must be there. It must be clear. The client must see it and the prospective customers must see it. It takes expertise with a lot of listening, researching, knowing, experiencing, understanding, caring and feeling the client’s essence before the picture, the concept presents itself – and sometimes it can take more than a few walks in the park. But when it comes, that pencil and paper better be handy for those first ideas and sketches, especially when it comes in a dream.

With clients whose branding is well established, we maintain the identity throughout everything we do, especially if it is a local project. By educating the local client and collaborating with the National Agency, we can add that local flavour while remaining loyal to the brand.

Our design creativity is unique to each client and project. They are special. We do not do ‘cookie cutter’.

IT Software Industry Representation.

Designed specifically as a back drop for a senior IT executive representing her software development specialization, the ‘cloud’, and picking up on her dress colour. Click the image to see the spread