So many different starting points when writing content

What do you need written – an advertisement, a ‘sale’ ad, an informational product ad, a catalogue description, a speaker event ad, a tag line, an editorial, an article, an invitation, a card, a poster, a brochure, a newsletter, website content… ? Regardless of the final wordsmithing, the creative mind-set is different for each project, but what remains the same, is that the more we know, the better the writing. The greater the emotional connection, the more intense is the audience’s response.

Compelling product description demands pivotal and precisely chosen words, especially when writing descriptions for a new offering. That tag line, that embodies the essence of the business or product or person, must evoke an emotional attachment. The result should look easy, but the process is far from it.

We write great copy. We dig deeper. We cultivate the brand. We want our words to make you successful.

Advertising copy writing brings them in or not! For example, when writing copy to promote a speaker event and ensure that the event is sold out, I have found a few proven strategies that work consistently in attracting an audience.

Copy writing hand

PDF for 'Speaker Event' Copy Writing Guide

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Enjoy the read and try it yourself.

Margaret Torrance, President