Market research finds answers about your brand, your clients, your strengths & weaknesses...

Our market research clients came to us to find answers to questions regarding their businesses and their target markets.

They wanted:

  • to know how they were perceived by their customer
  • to assess their present marketing efforts and to test possible new marketing directions
  • to clarify and define their target markets
  • to determine their customer’s satisfaction, needs and wants
  • to discover their own strengths and weaknesses
  • and basically to determine what they needed to do to strengthen their vision, mission and culture both internally and externally.

Our custom designed market research yields survey results which help guide and establish our clients’ focus and direction for their corporate strategy, customer relationships and new opportunities.

B2B Customer Survey which led to many Corporate changes including new newsletter, new products and launching Internet presence.

JVK image of survey sent to customers

Tourism Survey sent to Destinations / Attractions, and Associations. Same words, but both spoke different languages.

York Region survey

Tournament participants’ questionnaire compared satisfaction year to year.

SilverLakes golf course questionnaire