Writing and editing in technical articles, newsletters, magazines and manuals

The writing style of an article is determined by what is being written, who the audience is and where it appears.

Writing the very technical articles that are targeted at consumers require a more detailed process when translating technical language to people language. We start with a client discussion and ensure we truly understand what is required. (Recording the conversation helps.) This is followed by research, writing, re-writing, qualification calls and final drafts, which are edited and tested on a typical consumer and edit again. And then back to the client for a final read through and approval – in writing.

Newsletter and custom magazine articles are generally written by those in a certain community or industry. Many are experts in their fields and not professional writers. An editor’s job is to make them look like writers, while at the same time allowing their personalities to shine through. The reader should feel like they know the writer.

When specialists write manuals, the content is usually great, but the writing… . However, think about it, even professional writers have editors.

We have written and edited for our clients. As an editor, we want the writers to look like they are professional writers and no editor was needed.