Content copy needs to fit the medium and the brand

Depending on the product/service promoted, the messaging will be presented differently. In all cases, minimal well chosen words produce results. Depending on the medium, minimal content copy can mean 1 word or 500 words per message.

  • Speaker event ad: when the prospective attendee can personally identify with or relate to the speaker, ticket sales will increase.
  • 30 second radio ads: you have only a few words to grab attention, especially if directions and phone numbers are required.
  • Product ‘sale’ ads: if well branded and valued, minimal words will do, e.g. “1 day only – 50% off” accompanied by a picture.
  • Advertorials: will grab attention, will be read as an article, and will move the reader to action when well written.

Great promotional/advertising content copy produces great results. Good content copy produces good results. Mediocre… Bad… Well, you know.

We write great promotional content copy, no matter the medium.

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